We are your helping hands to build highly profitable relationships with every customer.

How Do We Help Your Business?

Unleash the power of automation.

Build highly profitable relationships with each customer. Send the right message to the right audience at the right time. Streamline costs and workflows.

The Power of Email Marketing

We moved to the cloud over a decade ago. Now everything connects to everything. If you’re not leveraging that fully, we can streamline processes, program workflows and gain efficiency, yielding more profitable relationships. Make sure your systems are integrated in the most effective way today with your free audit.

Personal Touch of SMS

Our team has been leveraging the latest in martech since before the Internet. If you’re not, we can save you time, build your brand, generate more qualified leads and close sales. 

It’s about using data and automation to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Assistance of chatbot

It’s 2022. Do you know where your data is? No industry is untouched by the data revolution. Are you making the most of what you know about the marketplace, and what you can find out? From collection to warehousing to analysis to visualization, we can pull out what you need to know from the noise. See what we mean with your free audit.

What Happens
Once We Come Onboard

01 Ready

Your FREE Consultation & Evaluation

  • includes actionable recommendations
  • Scope of Work: if you decide to continue, we spell out all the details.
  • No obligation

02 Set

Strategy & Assets Preparation

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Establish Benchmarks & KPIs
  • Data Mine: we’ve worked in dozens of verticals, so chances are, we already have data you need
  • Project plans, campaign deliverables, meticulously thought out to hit the ground running

03 Go!

Implementation and Testing

  • Launch
  • Test vs KPIs.
  • Adjust
  • Report and Recommendations



Zero to $269K/mo

We’ve been optimizing since the Internet was fringe. Literally. Our first paid Internet project was in 1993. Almost nobody’s been around longer in this space.

Recovered over $480k in Revenue

Our hyper personalized SMS strategy has helped our client to recover more than 30% of cart profiles in few days.


The Relationship Martech Story.

Relationship Martech is Tom McClintock’s third agency, built off the success of the first two, Phoenix Media and NSI Partners, but bringing in a unique focus on automation and data as martech continues to expand what’s possible. 

Organized on the low-overhead “Hollywood Model,” where you’re never paying anyone to “warm the bench,” Relationship Martech includes the top global specialists and brings in just the right expertise to run your particular project exactly the way you want.


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