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The Power of Email Marketing

We moved to the cloud over a decade ago. Now everything connects to everything. If you’re not leveraging that fully, we can streamline processes, program workflows and gain efficiency, yielding more profitable relationships. Make sure your systems are integrated in the most effective way today with your free audit.

Personal Touch of SMS

Our team has been leveraging the latest in martech since before the Internet. If you’re not, we can save you time, build your brand, generate more qualified leads and close sales. 

It’s about using data and automation to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.


CRM Optimization

We know all the CRMs, so we show you in record time what you’re not getting. Then we fix it – restore it – enhance it, while you just watch your ROI climb. If we find other stuff, we make a list so that you can decide priorities. Some stuff can wait, while other stuff can’t.

Tech-Stack Optimization

Getting tech to play nice with each other is our speciality. It’s not your grandfather’s cloud, so you can connect anything to anything, but connecting the right dots in the right order is key. We’ll give you some ideas you probably haven’t thought of that will save money, time and energy, all while adding to your bottom line.

On-Call Marketing

Finding that priorities sometimes shift under your feet? It’s a dynamic marketplace! Just pick how many hours you need, apply a volume discount, and we’re your outsourced martech team, but for only when you need us! We can launch web pages, run campaigns, provide training. We’ve been doing this for a while, and have never gotten stumped yet.

Case Studies

Others that went before you

This Fast-Growth Software Company First Came To Us For A HubSpot Audit.

HubSpot had been set up, but not optimized. One of the first implementation steps we took was to set up a smart lifecycle and then integrate lead-generation tools. With a smart lifecycle and automatic integration to lead-gen tools, SDRs and Sales Reps never forget what prospect to contact in what order.


In the fast-paced world of commercial insurance, every second counts. The client, known for its personalized approach, found its traditional quote and application process cumbersome and time-consuming. Manually filling out lengthy forms discouraged prospects and slowed down sales cycles.

The Relationship Martech Story.

Relationship Martech is Tom McClintock’s third agency, built off the success of the first two, Phoenix Media and NSI Partners, but bringing in a unique focus on automation and data as martech continues to expand what’s possible. 

Organized on the low-overhead “Hollywood Model,” where you’re never paying anyone to “warm the bench,” Relationship Martech includes the top global specialists and brings in just the right expertise to run your particular project exactly the way you want.

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