Tom McClintock​

Tom McClintock knows exactly how martech can save you time and increase your revenue. He’s motivated by a lifelong passion for helping people and organizations achieve their goals as well as a disdain for waste and inefficiency (embodied in marketing by his nemesis, junk mail and spam).

As a result, he’s used his 30 years of martech, communication and business development expertise to plunge into marketing automation and digital marketing like few others have. But unlike many consultants, Tom is very accessible and happy to help resolve challenges of any size, big or small.

One call with Tom can save you a lot of time as he draws on his unique experiences, having founded and run several firms including two marketing agencies, a venture-backed content aggregator and an international trading house.

He is also happy to share his industry experience from helping clients in dozens of verticals ranging from for-profits to non-profits and from the Fortune 500 and global associations to small businesses and solopreneurs. Tom knows how to use the right data to find the right audience at the right time. 

Prior to launching Relationship Martech, Tom co-founded NSI Partners, which pioneers online marketing techniques for trade associations, business and education. Earlier, Tom was COO of NC, Inc. which provided mobile-platform events coverage for 60 cities, raised four rounds of funding and counted Sprint, CBS and Cox Communications among its clients.

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