Streamlining the Commercial Insurance Journey

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In the fast-paced world of commercial insurance, every second counts. The client, known for its personalized approach, found its traditional quote and application process cumbersome and time-consuming. Manually filling out lengthy forms discouraged prospects and slowed down sales cycles.


We implemented a two-pronged approach to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience:

Bold Penguin Integration

By integrating SFDC with Bold Penguin, a leading online insurance quoting platform, the client gained instant access to a vast network of carriers and competitive quotes. This allowed them to present multiple options to their clients quickly and efficiently.

Panda Doc Automation

We leveraged the power of Panda Doc to revolutionize the application process. Instead of generic forms, each prospect received a pre-populated, e-signable application tailored to their specific business needs, based on data gathered during quoting. This significantly reduced friction and paperwork, allowing for immediate submission and faster approvals. 


The impact of these changes was dramatic and immediate:

Quote Velocity

Quote generation increased, allowing the client to respond to client inquiries much faster.

Conversion Rate

Application-to-policy conversion rate jumped due to the streamlined and personalized application process.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction scores increased, thanks to the quick and effortless experience of obtaining coverage.

Agent Productivity

Sales agents saved time on administrative tasks, dedicating more effort to building relationships and closing deals.

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By integrating Bold Penguin and Panda Doc with SFDC, we empowered the client to transform the commercial insurance journey. This resulted in faster quotes, smoother applications, happier customers, and ultimately, stronger business growth.

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