Megan Whitman

Chief Digital Officer

Kopari Beauty (@KopariBeauty)

Growing a business requires different strategies at different stages of your growth. But one thing that must remain consistent and high-quality as you evolve: your customer experience. Hear from Megan Whitman, chief digital officer of Kopari to hear about the different and changing ways this beauty brand has leveraged Klaviyo to increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction during the various growth stages of their business.

Despite packaging delays and a launch email misfire, Megan used Klaviyo to grow one of the first beauty supply ecommerce stores. When a Klaviyo survey revealed that customers wanted to try products in-store and a deal with Sephora was inked, Megan used Klaviyo to provide needed purchase statistics. She used Klaviyo as the firm’s CRM and connected it to their customer service team so that agents could access campaign emails that inspired queries.

They also used Klaviyo to set up direct mail segments and track their success through Klaviyo.

After a very popular coconut deodorant, which at $14 was less than half the brand’s average $30 price point, dropped average cart value significantly, Kopari initiated customer feedback queries. In fact, telephone queries are now constant.

Personalization has become Kopari’s engine for growth, and Klaviyo is used to customize forms and web experiences (through UTM links).

Next steps include personalized content blocks, additional flows based on recency, frequency and spending habits and pushing data into other technology partners to align messaging. 

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