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Chatbots can generate sales

Explore new ways to capture leads and generate more sales. Discover some of
our most popular sales chatbots templates:

Discount for new/returning visitors

Set up personalized messages offering a discount to new and returning visitors.

Product recommendation

Sell more by recommending hot deals and cross-sell offers.

Abandoned cart saver

Stop 60% of your customers from abandoning their carts by offering a discount.

Order placement

Enable your customers to place orders directly in the chat widget on your website.


Increase order value by offering free delivery on orders over $X amount.

Lead generation

Automatically collect and qualify leads based on their behavior on your website.

Chatbots can reduce your customer
support team’s workload

Reduce your customer support team’s duties, so your agents can focus on more complex issues.

Operator not responding

Send a message to a visitor who hasn’t received a reply for some time during a conversation with you.

Automatic reply for missed conversations

Send an automatic reply when all operators are busy.

Measure customer satisfaction

Attach quick surveys to a goodbye message for insightful customer feedback.

Automate answers to repetitive questions

Include chatbots in your conversation to step in and handle the most repetitive actions like checking order status and processing returns.

Easily segment users

Easily group website visitors and customers based on their behavior to send them personalized messages.

Notify operators about specific actions

Notify operators when the customer closes the chat window, wants to leave the website, or wants to set up a conversation with a human agent.

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